Enfants en Équi-Libre is made up of a team of professionals dedicated to helping children reach their full potential through therapy, recreation, and specialized groups
At Enfants en Équi-Libre we believe in an interdisciplinary approach to learning and development
Our professionals work together to provide a comprehensive and holistic treatment plan for each child




Enfants en Équi-Libre offers therapy and adapted recreational services to children and young adult. From pediatric evaluations and individual treatment, to our specialized groups and recreational programs, our goal is to help children maximize their growth and reach their potential in all spheres of development. Enfants en Équi-Libre is equally as dedicated to offering services that are specific to the needs of each child, in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment. 


We are known for our unequalled quality of service in both health and leisure offered by our interdisciplinary team as well as for the integration of our four legged partners at the heart of our program.

Our values include quality, innovation, engagement, respect, the transfer of knowledge, and interdisciplinarity​

The founders
Joannie Chiasson
Devon O'Farrell



Would you like to join our team?

At Enfants en Équi-Libre we are always looking for dynamic and motivated individuals interested in working as part of an interdisciplinary team


Riding programs

4200 chemin Sainte-Angélique

St-Lazare, QC J7Y 2N5

Email: info@enfantsenequi-libre.com
Tel:  (438) 403-3341


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