At Enfants en Équi-Libre our team is  not only made up of experts in their fields, but they are also passionate and dedicated to the important work they do

Team of professionals

Joannie Chiasson

Co-Founder of Enfants en Équi-Libre

Occupational Therapist M.Sc.

Certified in Hippotherapy (level 1, American Hippotherapy Association)

If we had to describe Joannie in a word, it would be passionate. Her work with children is what fuels her. In order to maximize the full potential of each child, Joannie prioritizes her own professional development and an interdisciplinary approach to her practice. It is her belief that we must be focused on the needs of families and their children. At any given time you may find her attending a seminar, conference, or training in order to stay at the forefront of new developments in her field.

She is heavily involved in the development of her profession and participates as a teaching assistant in the occupational therapy program at the Université de Montréal. She also contributes to clinical training of students by hosting several interns from different universities each year. Pursuing her strong desire to share knowledge, she’s been participating in the continuing education department of the Institut de Technologie Agroalimentaire du Québec in the therapeutic riding module since 2013.

Devon O'Farrell

Co-Founder of Enfants en Équi-Libre

Therapeutic Horseback Riding Instructor (Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association, AI)

Certified in Animal Assisted Therapy (CZQ)

Devon discovered therapeutic riding while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Human Relations from Concordia. Having always been involved in the equestrian community of Vaudreuil-Soulanges, she already believed in the power that animals had to inspire, motivate and engage us. Now, she is passionate about working with her specially selected animal partners, whether they are horses or dogs, to create meaningful relationships with her clients that promote growth and development within each individual.

Devon is a fervent believer in the interdisciplinary approach that we so often speak of at Enfants en Équi-Libre. She is constantly striving to increase her scope of knowledge in her field which combined with her passion for learning and her desire to offer the best possible services to her clients, leads her to attend numerous workshops, seminars and trainings in Québec and Ontario each year. Her clients appreciate her for the accuracy of her interventions, her constant smile, and the great consideration she gives them.

Julie Oelman

Equine Assisted Learning Coach (CanTRA Equine Facilitated Wellness Candidate)

Teacher of English Language Arts (High School and Grade 12) B.A., Dip. Ed., M.A.

Parelli Natural Horsemanship (Level 2 Online and Freestyle)


Julie retired from teaching to pursue her interest in horse therapy programs, beginning as a volunteer with EEE. She knew she wanted to combine her years of experience in education and love of teaching with her love of horses. Having worked at Lower Canada College and Centennial Academy, Julie has 26 years of experience teaching students with a variety of learning profiles and Individual Education Plans. In helping each student reach their potential, she was at the forefront of developing a Portfolio program in language arts, and was invited to present her work in schools, universities and school boards throughout Quebec, and also participated in local and international projects with the Ministry of Quebec. Now retired, she is tutoring students in English Language Arts and English as a Second Language.

Julie’s love of learning also led her to study Natural Horsemanship, attending clinics across Quebec. Learning how horses communicate with each other, and how we can better understand our communication with the horse, led her to explore opportunities in equine assisted education programs. Utilizing the horse as a partner in the learning process opens opportunities for students in realizing their learning goals. Assessing the needs of each client, Julie has a passion for creating fun and insightful activities for the horse and student.

Kendra Flynn-Stronach

CanTRA Coach and Examiner 
Equine Canada Dressage Competition Coach 

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Katherine Cup

Certified Veterinary Technician (ATSAQ)

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Do you know a special horse who is looking for a new job? 

We're always looking for qualified horses to join our team. Here are some of the characteristics that make a great therapy horse:

  • Patience, and lots of it!

  • A calm and gentle demeanor

  • A willingness to learn

  • Well balanced and even movement

  • Sound in all three gaits

  • Must love treats!

Do you know a horse that is looking for a new job, or an active retirement?


Marilou is a pony who likes to play with kids and be brushed. But she also really LOVES to eat! 

Although she is blind in one eye, her disability doesn't affect her quality of life or the important work she is doing with the kids in our program. Behind her calm and gentle appearance is a highly intelligent pony overflowing with affection.

Petite Fleur

Petite-Fleur is a very calm and sweet mare. Young or old, she loves to please her rider!

Her excellent form, physique and eternally youthful spirit will never betray her age! Despite her young appearance Petite Fleur is a senior horse gracefully navigating her early twenties.


Poppy is the youngest member of our team and her playful spirit keeps the other horses on their toes! 

This fun loving horse knows how to have a good time, but she is also arguably our most patient and forgiving equine partner. No matter how much an excited child might wiggle she is able to do her work like any other day.


Coco is affectionately nicknamed our Potato due to her laid back nature and go-with-the-flow attitude.

She is the largest horse on the team and happily partners with our heavier or older riders in the program.


Zorro may be small but he has a mighty personality! 

He is always making his riders giggle and his volunteers roll their eyes with his tricks. He especially likes the push the buttons on the toys that make noise or sing songs.  


Blueberry is the newest member of our team. She has experience as a trail horse but is just beginning her career in therapeutic riding and hippotherapy.

Come back soon to see a photo of this beauty!


Aura desc.


Harley desc.


Poncho desc.




Without the support of our incredible volunteers, our equestrian programs would not be possible!